ÅSV Winter Camp 2019

Winter Camp 2019!

It’s time again to sign up for the ÅSV winter camp. Like last year, we are aiming big!

  • ÅSV's 2019 hibernal songwriting extravagonzo will once again be held in Riishytten, Østerhovedvej 47, 7323 Give.
  • The winter camp will run for four days, from 4 pm on Wednesday, January 23rd, to roughly 2 pm on Sunday the 27th of January.
  • We are again eager to have some of our P4I and Aortas friends participate.

Workshop sessions

Like last year, we'll be offering some workshop sessions in English. Send an email to Lars at larsg@me.com if you would like to share your knowledge with the rest of the participants.

Sleeping arrangements

The cabin is 430 square meters, sleeping 36 people and otherwise accommodating 14–18 cowriting teams. There are 6 rooms with four beds, 3 with two beds, and 1 with six beds, as well as a kitchen, 2 lounges, a dining room and at least 3 rooms in the basement. We limit the number of attendees to 32 to make sure there is room enough to harmonize.

We will provide linen for foreign participants. We can also arrange to lend you an instrument if you're coming from abroad and don't want to risk (or pay for) bringing your own.


After five years of rock-bottom rates, we've decided to extort another 5 quid (!). For people living outwith Denmark and Skåne, the price is €105 or £95 and includes 2019 membership in ÅSV, with all the rights and obligations appurtenant thereto.


Songwriters from abroad can register by sending an email to Lars at larsg@me.com.  (Danish and Swedish residents should sign up at the bottom of the page, where you can also see who else is coming.) Registration is first come, first served, and you are not officiallly registered until you have sent Lars a copy of your flight tickets. The fee is non-refundable, but note that payment can wait till your arrival, so that we can avoid enriching the banks unnecessarily with unnecessary transfer fees.


If you’re flying, the Billund airport (BLL) is quite close. We will arrange to pick you up at the airport. The Aarhus airport (AAR) is another possibility, esp. if you want to spend time in Aarhus before or after camp (we promise to show you a good time). It often makes sense to fly in one airport and out the other. Email your arrival and departure times to Lars at larsg@me.com.

For the Danes, there will probably be a lot of people driving, and hopefully we can bring most people to the site by carpooling. Otherwise there are trains to Horsens and Vejle, and busses from there to Riis. We will pick up people from the bus stop, which is otherwise only a 1.5-km walk away.


The agenda for the camp is loose, with no obligatory events on the schedule. We will adjust the programme underway.

Wednesday 16-? We will make spaghetti with meat sauce, eat, get acquainted, play music, and pick up people from the airport and bus stop. 

Thursday 10-12: Speed write
Thursday 12-13: Lunch team prepares lunch
Thursday 13-14: Lunch 
Thursday 14-17: Co-write or song circle. 
Thursday 17-18: Dinner team makes minestrone soup
Thursday 18-19: Dinner 
Thursday 19:30-? Presentation round

Friday 10-12: Co-write or Workshop 
Friday 12-13: Lunch team prepares lunch, dinner team prepares pizza dough
Friday 13-14: Lunch
Friday 14-17: Co-write or song circle. 
Friday 17-18: Dinner team prepares pizza 
Friday 18-19: Dinner
Friday 20-?    Free play

Saturday 10-12/13: Co-write or workshop
Saturday 12-13: Lunch team prepares lunch 
Saturday 13-14: Lunch 
Saturday 14-17: Co-write or song circle
Saturday 17-18: Dinner team prepares chili con carne 
Saturday 18-19: Dinner 
Saturday 19-? Party & hanging out 

Sunday 10-12/13: Cowrite or song circle 
Sunday 12-13: Lunch team prepares lunch 
Sunday 13-14: Lunch 
Sunday 14-16: Tidying up, packing, farewells


Foreigners attending the wintercamp (sign up by emailing Lars at larsg@me.com):

Andy Scott (UK)

Corinne Stratton (UK)

Chris Brown (UK)

Mark Brennan (UK)

Lois Barrett (UK)

Chris Nikoloff (UK)

Danai Kelleher (Ireland)

Tony Bardon (Ireland)

Cathryn Green (Ireland)

Gerald Claridge (UK)

Anders Aare (DK) couldn't get signup to work, so I added him here.

Members signed in: 20

Har ingen bil :(
Veganer :) Ville være taknemmelig for et lift fra Århus!
Kan tage et par deltagere med, afhængigt af mængden af bagage. Og som sædvanlig taxature til lufthavnen
Thursday via Grindsted. Can probably offer a lift from/to Billund if light luggage . Need non-musty room bc of allergy. Let's reserve for women the two rooms sharing a bath (situated across from large shower).
Hep! :-)
Kommer fredag aften, afsted tidligt søndag - men glæder mig meget til at se jer alle sammen igen!
Deltager fredag-søndag
Nyindmeldt! Egen bil og kan evt. tilbyde et lift... (Men kommer nok direkte fra jobbet ved Give)
Kommer fredag eftermiddag med både Wanda og min egen guitar til en englænder; Er der mon nogen der kører fra Aarhus fredag? :-)
Will be there from thursday before 2 pm until friday some time yet unknown ;-). see you