ÅSV Summer Songwriting Revels 2022

After the resounding success of last year's extended songwriting retreat, we've decided to do it again – a full week of co-writing, workshops, campfire crooning and unmitigated hygge.

  • The retreat will be held at Riishytten, where we’ve held last year's sommerlejr and our last 8 winter retreats (vinterlejre). Because it’s summer, and because corona has made us wary, we will hold activities outside where possible, and we urge participants to bring tents where practicable.
  • The retreat will run from 2 pm on Sunday, July 24th, to 2 pm on Sunday, July 31st.
  • We plan to have a large contingent of international songwriters joining us again, including friends from Aortas (UK) and the Songwriting Collective (Ireland).


We've had to raise the costs somewhat, but the retreat remains a bargain. The normal price is 1250 kr (roughly £145/€170/$175), which covers lodging, meals, and 2022 membership in ÅSV, with all the rights and obligations appurtenant thereto. The next generation price – i.e. if you're a songwriters age 30 or younger – is 1100 kr (about £125/€150/$155).

Current ÅSV and DMF members can subtract 150 kr. from the price :-D

For songwriters coming from abroad, the fee also covers transport to & from Billund Airport, loan of a guitar, loan of linens/sleeping bag and, if you want to sleep outside, a tent.

The price with dues includes a nonrefundable deposit of 500 kr..


There is a cap of 40 participants for the retreat, with 10 places initially reserved for international songwriters. Otherwise it's first come, first served.

To register for the retreat:

  • Pay the fee. You can find our new bank & MobilePay details HERE (we suggest using Wise to minimize bank fees).
  • Log in at the bottom of this page. (You need to have a profile to log in; if you don’t have one already, create one HERE.)
  • Scroll back down and click on the sign-up button. Indicate whether you want to sleep in a tent or room, any dietary requirements, and any ride needs/offers.


Denmark has no corona restrictions at present. As a courtesy to other participants (and yourself), we strongly suggest that you be vaccinated and boosted, if you aren't already, and get tested shortly before your arrival.


If you’re flying to Denmark, the Billund airport (BLL) is reasonably close, and we will arrange to pick you up from the airport. The Aarhus airport (AAR) is another possibility, esp. if you want to spend time in Aarhus before or after the retreat; you’ll need to take a bus to Aarhus and get a ride from there. It often makes sense to fly into one airport and out the other. Send your arrival and departure details to Misha at formand@sang-skriver.dk or +45 22985543, so that he can organize pickup and dropoff.

If you'd like to spend a couple days in beautiful Aarhus before or after the revels, we'll do our best to house and entertain you. We'll be holding a song circle on Monday, August 1st.

Address: Riishytten, Østerhovedvej 47 Give, 7323 Denmark


The retreat will offer a variety of co-writing sessions, workshops, a few song circles, and nightly opportunities to play for each other and jam. Check out the detailed program by clicking this link. It’s up to you to decide what you participate in.

If you haven't had a song at an ÅSV song circle (værksted) before, we do ask you to bring a song (half-finished is fine!) to be workshopped. There's also room for informally organized activities like blueberry picking and yoga.

Major highlights: On Sunday, July 24th, we’ll have an intro round at 5 pm, so try to get here before then. We’ll have a masquerade on Weds., so bring some courtly duds. And on Saturday, we’ll have a farewell blowout.

Mornings will, as a rule, be devoted to co-writes; most afternoons will be reserved for workshops, song circles, and physical activities. And we’ll play our new and old songs for each other in the evenings, both formally and informally.

Sleeping arrangements & instruments

Since it’s summer, and yes, we're still a bit corona-shy, we're urging people to bring a tent to sleep in when practicable. We will try to provide sleeping bags/tents for foreign participants, or linens if you’d rather sleep indoors. A towel too. Please write “tent” or “room” in the comment field when you sign up below.

If you wish to sleep indoors, note that the rooms are shared (2–6 bunks per room), as are the bathrooms.

In addition, we will lend you a right-handed acoustic guitar if you're coming from abroad and don't want to risk (or pay for) bringing your own. There will be at least one electric keyboard available for general use, thanks to our friends at DMF.

Things to bring!

Things to write with
A pair of tweezers for ticks, or tick repellent
A mask and (if you're game) a bit of renaissance finery to don for the masquerade on Weds

We will lend you the following things so that you can avoid ridiculous luggage fees:

Towel, hand towel, washcloth
Comforter/sleeping bag
Fitted sheet (if you're sleeping inside)
Tent (if you're sleeping outside)


Everyone is expected to sign up for four meal teams during the week. When you sign up below, please indicate if you have any special dietary requirements. Plenty of beer and wine will be available for inexpensive purchase.

Facebook link

The official signup is below but the Facebook event is the best place to ask questions, arrange rides, and share your excitement:


You're also very welcome to contact Misha (formand@sang-skriver.dk, +45 2298 5543) with any questions.

Sign up!

When you click the sign-up button below, please briefly note in the comment field: 1) tent or room, 2) dietary prefs, and 3) ride needs/offers.

NB: If you want to see this page again after you sign up, back up and click "Cancel." Do NOT give into the temptation to re-enter your signup details again. Ta!

Members signed in: 38

1) værelse, 2) glutenfrit
To-mandsværelse, hvis muligt. Laktosefri mælk.
Jeg spiser hvad der er:-), gerne 2 mands værelse eller hvad der nu er, helst ikke telt:-)
Værelse, alt ædende, søger et lift tur/retur til Aarhus.
Værelse - sove indendørs
Room, if possible!
Værelse med seng
Værelse i snorkeafdelingen. Kan have andre deltagere med. Kommer fra Sjælland når lejren starter, men skal til Aalborg og længere nordpå når den slutter. Kører som sædvanlig til lufthavnen efter dem, der ankommer på den måde
Gerne 2-mandsværelse, helst ikke telt :-) .. Laktosefri mælk er et plus, ellers er jeg altædende. Kører fra KBH og har mulighed for at have ekstra 2 personer med i bilen.
Værelse, plads i bilen til 2-3 pers.
Telt, bliver kørt til lejren fra Nordtyskland, plads til to i bilen.
Telt - kører fra Aarhus har en ekstra plads
værelse, nøddeallergi (så ingen hasselnødder og peanuts)
Værelse. Allergisk over for chili
Telt, alt spisende på nær komælk, deltager torsdag til lørdag
Sover i telt. Spiser alt. Kunne godt bruge et lift fra århus :D
Værelse, vegetarvenlig men ingen chili, mangler lift fra Risskov
Tager telt med, men napper måske en plads i hytten hvis der er ledigt. Alt spisende. Deltager torsdag til søndag
soveværelse, altædende
Helst værelse, er kun med tir-tor men glæder mig til at se alle I seje mensker
1) værelse 2) Ingen allergier eller intolerancer
Værelse. Kan have to med fra Aarhus (og retur igen)
Room. Usually in the room next to the kitchen. :-)
Tra-la-la-la! 🎶 Tent, veggie-loving omnivore, need lift Sun midday
Room, vegetarian, lift wanted
Room (next to living room/main bathroom). Flexitarian
Vegan, tent if possible, but don't actually mind.
Room if possible, with my gentleman husband if possible, Vegan, looking to learn as much Danish as possible, tak og take
Veganer. Sover helst på værelse. Søger lift fra Århus :-)
Hej glæder mig til :)