ÅSV competitions

The ÅSE's

The movie industry has its Oscars and its Bodils. The theater world has its Tonys and Reumarts. TV has the Emmys. And songwriting has Grammys – and here in Aarhus, the ÅSE's and Wanda. These last-named awards are presented at a big blowout party in January, traditionally held at Gyngen.

Svend Seegert, emcee, and Randi Løvendahl Gustafsson, winner, 2015 Song of the Year
photos: Bjørn Giesenbauer

ÅSV Song of the Year & Co-write of the Year

The ÅSE's are designed to celebrate the songs that ÅSV'ers have written in the past calendar year – first by providing a platform where we can all share our best recent work with each other, and second by awarding prizes to the best of the best.

As a member; you can nominate one of your songs in each of two categories – one song you wrote by yourself, and one song you wrote with others (a co-write).

To nominate a song, you must:

  • Pay your annual dues if you haven't already (new payment details HERE)
  • Register on this website if you haven't already (easy to do HERE)
  • Upload the song to SoundCloud eller YouTube
  • Nominate your song!

Nomination deadline for the 2022 awards is midnight on Friday, December 30th, 2022 (11 pm Greenwich time).

For your song to be eligible, you must:

  • Have written/co-written the song – or at least a significant part of it – in 2022.
  • Refrain from campaigning for the song, on social media or otherwise. We want to reward good songwriting, not PR skills or a big fanbase!
  • Vote.


Voting is secret, and begins when the nomination period is over. Three finalists in each category will be invited to perform their songs at the prize gala on January 15th, but the winner won't be announced until the event itself.

Voting is open to anyone associated with ÅSV, including members of our Facebook group. To vote:

  • Register on this website if you haven't already (easy to do HERE)
  • Go to the voting page and listen to ALL the songs in the category.
  • Vote! Make sure to save your vote(s) at the bottom of the page.

You may vote for one or more songs in each category – however many you think deserve to win the honor of the year's best. You may also change your vote during the entire voting period. Note that you are not allowed to vote for any song you have written or co-written.

For the 2022 awards, voting runs from December 31st until midnight on Sunday, January 8th, 2022 (11 pm Greenwich). We will announce the finalists soon afterward, and announce the winners at our awards ceremony on Sunday, January 15th at Gyngen's Maritza Room in Aarhus. See our Facebook page or the ÅSV calendar for details as the date approaches.

On the voting page, songs will be listed in a random order that is different for each listener. We will also post two playlists for each category to make listening easier, one with the songs uploaded to SoundCloud and one with those uploaded to YouTube. Please listen to them on shuffle to keep things fair ;-)

Wanda, the Travelling Guitar

Every year since 2005, ÅSV has awarded the use of a Martin guitar to one deserving member residing in Denmark. The guitar is sponsored by Akustikken, Denmark's premier guitar shop. The winner will be announced at our prize gala.

ÅSV members in good standing may nominate themselves or another member by sending an email to Misha at formand@sang-skriver.dk explaining why the nominee deserves to be Wanda's companion for the coming year. Please include a link to some music. The next deadline for nominations is Sunday, January 8th, 2022. The winner will be announced at the prizefest.

There are more details about Wanda in Danish on this page.

Wanda winners

2023: ???

2022: Victor Johansen

2021: Mads P. Jensen

2020: Sara Roshani

2019: Ida Nielsen

2018: Troels Thorkild Sørensen

2017: Andrea Brink Siem

2016: Patrick V. Bentsen

2015: Viktoria Lundberg

2014: Klara Molitva

2013: Misha Hoekstra

2012: Maria Ørndrup

2011: Kristian Mikkelsen

2010: Matilda Tjelldén

2009: Morten Thuesen

2008: Dietmar Berkner

2007: Annika Aakjær

2006: Amalie Riis

2005: Christian Dietrichsen