ÅSV Winter Songwriting Retreat 2023!


Hey! This is the page for the 2023 retreat, not the 2024 one!

... but if you're interested in the 2024 one, you can find full details at bit.ly/vl24info and sign up at bit.ly/vl24reg.


After having to cancel the last two winter retreats, the ÅSV crew is hoping that the third time's the charm: for 96 hours of co-writing, workshops, song circles, good grub, late-night ballads, chilly porch confessions, and all-around hygge. Though corona and WWIII are wild cards, of course, we're gambling that we can run the things at full capacity, i.e. 32 songwriters. Fingers crossed!

The info here is aimed at songwriters who live abroad; if you live in Denmark, please consult our Danish page.

The essentials:

  • Place: Riishytten, Østerhovedvej 47, 7323 Give, Denmark. We'll provide transport to and from the airport.
  • Time: Late January – from Weds. the 25th (2 pm) to Sun. the 29th (2 pm).
  • Price: £100/€115/$115/850 kr., which covers room and board and 2022 membership in ÅSV.
    If you're 30 or younger, we're offering a special "new generation" price of £90/€100/$100/750 kr.
  • Eligibility: Anyone who writes songs, regardless of experience, age or genre. Max 32 participants.
  • Corona: There are no Danish restrictions at present, but we strongly suggest you update your vaccinations and take a quick test before arrival.
  • Registration: Two steps, viz: 1. Transfer the appropriate fee to ÅSV, or send a copy of your plane ticket to coordinator Misha Hoekstra at formand@sang-skriver.dk
    2. Sign up at the bottom of this page. (Requires login – if you don't have one, make a profile HERE first.)
  • Bring: Instruments, writing materials, earplugs. Our Danish members will loan songwriters coming from abroad instruments, bed linens and towels.


As people who were lucky enough to be at one of our last two summer retreats know, Riishytten has newly renovated their facilities and they've raised their prices a bit – so we are too. The normal price is £100/€115/$115/850 kr., which covers not only room and board but also 2023 membership in ÅSV, with all the amazing benefits appurtenant thereto. Still a steal at twice the price!

For young songwriters – for this purpose, defined as those no older than 30 – we are offering the full package at a reduced price: £90/€100/$100/750 kr.


Songwriters from abroad can register for the retreat by doing two things: pay the fee and sign up below.

  1. To pay for the retreat, transfer the appropriate amount to:

    Bank: Middelfart Sparekasse
    Sort no.: 2701
    Account no.: 3232178654

    Swift/BIC: MISPDK21
    IBAN: DK4716873232178654

    For international transfers, we recommend using the above details in Wise to save yourself ridiculous bank fees.

    (Alternatively, if you're old school and prefer to pay cash on the barrelhead, you can bring your shekels or simoleons to the retreat. In that case, please email a copy of your plane ticket to coordinator Misha Hoekstra at formand@sang-skriver.dk, or SMS it to +45 2298 5543).

  2. Sign up at the bottom of this page, where you can see who else is coming. (If you aren't already registered on this site, you'll need to create a quick profile first HERE.)


Denmark has no corona restrictions at present. As a courtesy to other participants (and yourself), we strongly suggest that you be vaccinated and boosted, if you aren't already, and get tested shortly before your arrival.

While you're at it, get a flu shot!


The Billund airport (BLL) is quite close. We will arrange to pick you up at the airport. The Aarhus airport (AAR) is another possibility, esp. if you want to spend time in Aarhus before or after camp – we're holding a song circle on Monday evening after the retreat, and we can probably house you and otherwise show you a good time. It often makes sense to fly in one airport and out the other, and if you fly Ryanair, there's no discount for round trips anyhow. Send a copy of your ticket with your arrival and departure times to Misha or to our transport coordinator, Gunnar Snær Gunnarson at gunnar@sang-skriver.dk or +45 2334 8111.

If you're arriving from within in Denmark, we can pick you up at the bus stop, whether it's Riis Feriepark or Give – contact Gunnar.

Sleeping arrangements (and instruments)

The rooms have 2–6 bunkbeds each; couples have first dibs on the two-person rooms.

We will provide linens and a towel for each foreign participant. Earplugs are strongly suggested – there tends to be music until late in the night, and some ASV'ers really can saw logs!

In addition, we'll also provide you with an acoustic guitar if you don't want to risk (and pay for) bringing your own. There will also be at least one electric keyboard for general use.

Things to pack!

  • Writing and recording materials
  • Earplugs
  • For beverages, you can either make a bank transfer or bring cash.

As noted above, we'll provide our foreign guests with bed linens, a towel, a guitar – and for the hardy souls, a tent.


Everyone is expected to be on the cook-and-clean-up team for two meals during the course of the retreat – it keeps our costs down and builds community.

When you sign up below, please note if you have any food allergies or special dietary requirements – contact food coordinator Nina Møller at nina.vind@gmail.com if you have special concerns.

Beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available for purchase at festive prices.

Facebook link

The FB event page is the best place to pose general questions, share your excitement, and upload post-retreat pictures/videos.

Link: facebook.com/events/1167392013856699

Workshop sessions

Once again, we'll have several workshops on tap. Contact our program coordinator Søren Lyhne at soren@sang-skriver.dk or +45 6062 6083 if you'd like to share your knowledge with the other participants.


The agenda for the camp is loose, with no obligatory events on the schedule. We will adjust the program underway.

Starting at 2 pm, we'll pick out rooms, unpack, start getting acquainted and trading songs, make spaghetti, chow down, play more music, and pick up people from the airport and bus stop. 

10 am: Three (3!) speed-writes

Noon: Lunch team prepares lunch

1 pm: Lunch 
2 pm: Co-write or song circle. 
5 pm: Dinner team makes minestrone soup
6 pm: Dinner 
7:30 pm: Intro round (everyone plays a song)

10 am: Co-write or workshop 
Noon: Lunch team prepares lunch, dinner team prepares pizza dough
1 pm: Lunch
2 pm: Co-write or song circle. 
5 pm: Dinner team prepares pizza
6 pm: Dinner
8 pm: Hygge (playing new songs and then general hygge)

10 am: Co-write or workshop
Noon: Lunch team prepares lunch 
1 pm: Lunch 
2 pm: Co-write or song circle
5 pm: Dinner team prepares chili con & sin carne 
6 pm: Dinner 
8 pm: New songs and then fest

10 am: Cowrite or song circle 
Noon: Lunch team prepares lunch 
1 pm: Lunch 
2 pm: Tidying up, packing, farewells; transport to either Billund or Aarhus

Sign up!

When you click the sign-up button below, please enter any special dietary needs. Tak!

(If you don't have a login yet, you'll need to create a profile first HERE.)

Members signed in: 30

Yee-haw! 🤠 Flexitarian (veggie-loving omnivore), need ride from Aarhus
Looking forward as a first-timer here! I am a pescatarian. I could use a ride to/from outskirts of Skanderborg.
I eat and drink almost everything .. I come from The Devils Island, meaning if anyone needs a ride from Copenhagen, just let me know :)
Vegan diet please. Thank you superstars! Can't wait to see you all again. x
Jeg kommer sammen med Laurie, som også tilmelder sig. Vi håber der er mulighed for at vi kan få et af 2personers rummene
I will probably join you Thursday :)
Overnatter på pensionat i Tyregod, behøver ikke soveplads
No special requirements
Kommer nordfra og kan have en eller to passagerer med, afhængigt af mængden af bagage. Kører som sædvanlig gerne taxature til banegård, bus, lufthavn osv,,,
First-timer here! I eat almost everything. Looking forward!
Tager guitarer med. Kommer som gæst!
Will be participating Wednesday-Saturday morning. Flexitarian/veggie loving omnivore. Room in "women"'s double-sharing shower-in-the-middle. Looking forrward!
Jeg forlanger god ro og orden! I hvert fald af jer andre. Selv regner jeg med at rode lige så meget som jeg plejer. :-)
Alt spisende! Får lift med Værnholt sammen med Trine Omø, og deltager fra onsdag til søndag.
Vegetarian, lift wanted
Wintercamp is all you need - Lennon/Mccartney
Friday evening to sunday morning. See y'all :-)
No special needs in terms of food – really enjoyed the vegan focus from the summer camp though. I expect to drive from Aarhus and would be happy to offer a ride.
Vegan from the UK, hoping to share a tiny room with my charming husband Andrew Scott :)
Vegan. Looking for a ride from Aarhus :-)
Altædende. Fedt hvis der kunne være mulighed for ene værelse. :-)
I’m looking forward to my first Vinterlejr in a while. No special requirements for me.
Looking forward. My first time. Vegan diet pref. also glutenfree but can tolerate small amounts. I can offer a ride wednesday from Silkeborg. If needed I can bring an ekstra western takamine