ÅSV was started by Michael Hamilton and Jørgen A. Leth in 1998. For many years, the group consisted of a few people who met privately, until Lars Kiehn from the Danish Musician's Union (DMF) became interested in the idea and offered the use of DMF's office space as a base for the workshop evenings. 

Since then, the initial membership has grown and at the end of 2006, we became an association [danish: forening].

Today, ÅSV has over 100 associated members. The association is run by voluntary work from all involved, and has for a number of years been unique in Denmark. In 2009 some of the founding members of ÅSV helped start up a similar workshop based community in Copenhagen, which was named 'Stamtone'. These two associations both focus on the workshop evenings as a central activity.